How to Serve In Pickleball ( Beginner’s Tutorial)

How to Serve In Pickleball (Beginners Tutorial)

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level? Our beginner tutorial on how to serve in Pickleball covers everything to help you develop powerful and accurate services that will leave your opponents struggling. A strong serve can make all the difference in this competitive sport. That’s why start honing your skills … Read more

How to Keep Score In Pickleball (Knowing the Rules)

How to Keep Score In Pickleball (Knowing the Rules)

Are you new to Pickleball and need to learn how to keep score? Or you’re a seasoned player looking for a refresher on scoring rules. Understanding how to keep score in pickleball is crucial to fully enjoy this thrilling sport. By familiarizing yourself with the rules you can avoid any potential confusion and ensure that … Read more

How to Build a Pickleball Court | 06 Easy Steps

How to Build a Pickleball Court | 06 easy Steps

Pickleball is a thrilling and fast-paced sport that has gained incredible popularity worldwide, attracting millions of players yearly. Despite their passion for the game, many enthusiastic players are unfamiliar with how to set up a court at home. Fortunately, constructing a well-crafted pickleball court is neither difficult nor unachievable. You too can build your own … Read more

What Is The Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fast-paced and exciting paddle sport that has gained a significant following in recent years. It’s a fun and social game that people of all ages and skill levels can play. You may have heard the Double Bounce Rule mentioned if you’re new to the game. But what is the double bounce rule … Read more

Best Engage Pickleball Paddles| Reviews and Guide

Engage is one of the leading US brands of pickleball equipment. Their paddles are famous among every kind of player, be it beginners at local pickleball clubs, or professional players at national tournaments, everyone can be seen with Engage paddles. They are considered to be experts in this industry because they heavily invest in the … Read more

5 Best Pickleball Paddle Covers to Protect Your Paddle

Pickleball paddle covers are protective covers which are designed to fit in pickleball paddles and protect them from scratches. They are usually made from neoprene, synthetic leather and canvas. Additionally, it has different sizes to fit other paddle brands and models. The covers are easy to put on and remove and provide a convenient way … Read more