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The 6 Best Pickleball racquet Brands on the Market

When it comes to Pickleball racquets, you need the best racquets for yourself so luckily there are a number of the best pickleball racquet brands on the market today that make playing this sport easier and more fun. Here are the Top 6 picks for the best pickleball racquet brands on the market.

ONIX Graphite Z5 Carbon Fiber

ONIX Graphite Z5 Carbon Fiber

The Z5 Carbon fiber pickleball is a top pickleball brand and their paddles offers impressive performance and features. This racquet is made of graphite, making it incredibly strong and durable, providing optimal control and power during rallies.

 At the same time, its Cushioned grip adds extra comfort to your game. Additionally, the racquet is very lightweight and easy to move around.

The Onix Graphite Z5 is designed to offer the most comfortable and powerful pickleball-playing experience. It features a graphite carbon fiber face that provides optimal control and power during rallies, while the large textured polymer surface ensures maximum spin and agility when returning shots. 

The Z5 also features an X-Grip handle contoured perfectly to fit your hand and offer maximum control. With its unique design, the Onix  Graphite Z5 is perfect for all levels looking to improve their game.


  • X-Grip ComfortComfort handle 
  • Graphite face carbon fiber 
  • Polypropylene core structure 


  • Lightweight design 
  • Resist dents and scratches 
  • Cushioned comfort grip
  • The large sweet spot for improved consistency 


  • It may not be suited for heavier hitters.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or an experienced player looking for more control, the Onix Graphite Z5 pickleball racquet will take your game to the next level. With its lightweight design and comfortable grip y, you’ll be able to maneuver around easily 

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Racquet

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Racquet Selkirk Amped Pickleball Racquet

The Selkirk Amped Pickleball racquet is the perfect choice for players looking to up their game to the next level. This paddle combines a fiberglass face with a polypropylene X5 Core, creating an unbeatable combination of power and control. The ergonomic design allows maximum comfort while playing, and the balanced weight distribution keeps you in control of every shot. 

The Selkirk Amped pickleball racquet brand will surely take your pickleball game to the next level! Get yours today and start dominating the court. The Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle features an enlarged sweet spot for increased power, a vast body design for better control, and a textured surface to help reduce spin.

 The paddle is lightweight and balanced, allowing you to move quickly on the court without sacrificing power. The power core polypropylene X5 core reduces vibration for improved ball feedback, giving you greater control over your shots. And with its eye-catching design complete with vibrant color and bold graphics-the Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle will be sure to turn heads while you,e

If you’re looking for the best pickleball paddle brands that can take your pickleball game to the next level, look no further than the Selkirk Amped.


  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Wide body design
  • Textured surface 
  • PowerCore Polypropylene X5 Core


  • Lightweight and balanced 
  • Eye-catching design 
  • S2 has a large surface spot 
  • More Power and Control 


  • Little bit shorter hand, so some players feel difficulty holding.

Get yours today and start winning! The Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle is the perfect choice for

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion  

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion  

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball racquet is among the popular pickleball racquet brands today. Its lightweight and balanced design gives players excellent control, power, and spin on each shot.

 The paddle is made with a 5-plywood core to reduce vibration while playing, allowing for greater accuracy in every stroke. Additionally, its textured surface provides extra grip and spin with each hit.

 The unique handle grip design prevents sweat from slipping, while its specially designed edges ensure maximum safety when playing. The JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle is the perfect paddle for all levels of pickleball players and can help take their game to the next level. 


  • Five plywood core reduces vibration. 
  • Textured surface provides
  • Specially designed Extra grip 
  • Exceptional handle grip prevents slipping 
  • Specially designed edges ensure maximum safety when playing. 


  • Durable construction that can withstand heavy use
  • Affordable price tag 
  • Handle is comfortable 
  • Easy to hold while playing 


  • It could be too light for some players who prefer a heavier paddle
  • Texture may not be enough for those who need more grip

Head Radical Elite

Head Radical Elite pickleball brand

Head Radical Elite Paddle brand is a high quality that has been popular in the market day by day. The paddle is designed with an aerodynamic design that creates a smoother stroke. It is made from aluminum, making it attractive, lightweight, and durable. 

The Elite Pickleball racquet has another great feature of 360 degree-rotation. This feature helps you to move around the court quickly and get into the position of your desired shots.

Moreover, the paddle has a carbon fiber shaft and a soft grip, making it easy to hold for speed play.

Head Radical Elite Paddle is high quality and famous in the market daily. The racquet is designed with an aerodynamic design that creates a smoother stroke. It is made from aluminum, making it attractive, lightweight, and durable. 

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic handle that you will find comfortable during extended play. The Elite Paddle is perfect for advanced players who want to take their game to the next level.

 It gives them great control And allows them to hit fast and accurate shots. The paddle is also suitable for beginner or intermediate players as the lightweight construction helps them hit the ball with more control.


  • Fiberglass Finish
  • Lightweight 
  • Radical Elite is perfect for power players 
  • Slightly elongated 


  • Excellent power and control 
  • Cushioned grip ensures comfortable play
  • The head balance provides more stability and control. 


  • Grips need to be better 

Paddletek Wave Tempest Pro Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Wave Tempest Pro Pickleball Paddle

Another best pickleball brand is the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro was designed with the player in mind. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum and features a durable PVC core.

This racquet has a comfortable grip and is easy to control. The Tempest Wave Pro also has an adjustable wrist strap for added safety.

The paddle works by propelling the ball forward with a curved blade. It is made of high-quality wood designed to provide smooth, consistent strokes.

To make hitting shots even more accessible, the Tempest Wave Pro Features an angled blade that makes accuracy while flipping easier than ever before. This feature also provides more power for intermediate or advanced players.

The paddle size and weight for the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle were designed with performance in mind. The racquet is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy that is strong yet light enough to move quickly through the water. The paddle’s weight is just over 2 pounds, making it easy to transport and handle.


  • The high-tech polymer structure 
  • Super smart response technology 
  • Control Vibration 
  • Different range of weight 
  • Large Sweet spot 
  • Textured surface


  • More accuracy
  • Provide full control 
  • High-tech ultra cushion 
  • Optimized weight distribution 


  • A little bit more expensive than other pickleball paddles 

Overall, the Paddletek Tempest Wave Prov is an excellent choice for a high-quality pickleball paddle that will provide outstanding performance.

KEGLAD Pickleball Paddles

KEGLAD Pickleball Paddles

KEGLAD Pickleball Paddles have become one of the most popular paddle brands on the market, and for a good reason. They are made from high-quality materials that make them durable, provide excellent grip, and help you play more accurately. The KEGLAD Pickleball Paddles are a must-have for any pickleball player.

This paddle has been designed to provide the best possible performance for your game. The paddles have an ergonomic design, making them easy to grip and control.

The KEGLAD pickleball paddle is also lightweight, making it easy to carry around. This paddle is made from durable materials, ensuring that it will last a long time. The paddles are available in different colors, allowing you to personalize your set.

There are a few things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right pickleball paddle. The size of your hand will determine the extent of paddle you should purchase 

Consider your playing style; they have extra large grips, and the oversized grip on a KEGLAD paddle makes it easier to control the ball and performance during your games.


  • Flexible Rotation 
  • Super weight distribution 
  • Honeycomb core structure
  • Super Edge guard technology 
  • Texture Graphite Surface 


  • Efficient and consistent stroke 
  • Durable and last for a long time  
  • Suitable for all ages 
  • Power Control 
  • Fully Comfortable 


  • Some peoples find the paddle bit heavy.

If you’re looking for something in between, the Keglad is another good pickleball brands option because it has a middle ground between the other models.


Which paddle is best for pickleball?

Everyone has different preferences, so there is no definitive answer to this question. However, Encore and Selkirk Sport AMPED paddles are some of the most popular paddles for pickleball. These paddles offer excellent performance and are very popular among pickleball players.

What is the most forgiving pickleball paddle?

The most forgiving pickleball paddle is the Onix Evoke Pro Graphite paddle. This lightweight paddle has a large sweet spot and graphite face that allows maximum power with minimum effort. It also features a foam core to absorb shock and reduce vibrations.

What is the most expensive pickleball paddle?

The most expensive pickleball paddle in the market is the Selkirk Graphite Paddle. It is top-of-the-line, premium paddles made from lightweight carbon fiber. The graphite design provides power and control for those looking to make their game even more precise.

Final Thoughts

The ONIX Graphite Z5 Carbon fiber pickleball paddle is an excellent pick for anyone looking to improve their game. It is well made and comes with a turn of features that will help you improve your skills. 


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