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What Is A Lob Shot In Pickleball? Strategy To Hit The Lob

What Is A Lob Shot In Pickleball

Pickleball is a popular sport that is growing in popularity across the world. It’s a paddle-based sport, like tennis and badminton. A lob shot is one of the more interesting shots you can hit when playing pickleball. So, what exactly is a lob shot? In this article, we’ll look at what is a lob shot in pickleball.

What Is A Lob Shot In Pickleball? 

A lob shot is a higher-arcing shot that travels over the net. This type of shot moves your opponent away from their optimal position on the court. It’s also used to disrupt an aggressive rally or create an opportunity for you to gain control of the baseline.

Basics of a Lob Shot


The timing of your lob shot in pickleball is critical. You should play it when your opponent is near the net, making it harder for them to return your shot.


A lob shot requires the paddle’s smooth, lifting motion, striking the ball at an upward angle. The shot should be high enough to pass over your opponent but not too high that it goes out of bounds.


The player’s positioning is also crucial in executing a successful lob shot. It’s best to play a lob shot when you’re near the baseline and have a clear view of your opponent’s position and the back of the court. 

Defensive Lob

A defensive lob shot can be an effective strategy under pressure. This shot allows you to gain some time and reset your position on the court. Although it’s not meant to win points, it can set up opportunities for winning shots. 

Offensive Lob

You aim an offensive lob at catching your opponent off guard, especially if they are positioned too close to the net. It’s a risky shot but can reap high rewards if executed correctly.

When to Use a Lob Shot

When to use a lob shot will depend on the situation in the game. Generally, you should maintain baseline control by keeping your opponent as far away as possible. You can use a lob shot when your opponent is rallying and attacking the net or to create an opening for another shot. It’s also effective against opponents near the net. It can surprise them and force them to retreat to the baseline.

Strategy To Hit The Lob 

Hitting Deep Lobs

One strategy for hitting effective lob shots in pickleball is to aim for depth. Hitting your lobs deep into the opponent’s court can force them to backtrack, disrupting their rhythm and balance. It can also create an opportunity for you to retake control of the net.

Targeting the Weak Hand

When playing a lob shot, targeting your opponent’s weaker hand can be an effective strategy. Most players have a dominant and non-dominant hand. Hitting the lob to the non-dominant hand can make the return shot more difficult, forcing an error.

The Element of Surprise

The element of surprise is a key part of a successful lob strategy. A well-timed, unexpected lob can catch your opponent off-guard. It is especially effective when positioned close to the net and can force them into a defensive position.

Key Tips for a Successful Lob Shot


Like any other pickleball shot, consistent practice will improve your lob shot. It’s not about getting the shot over the net but placing it where it can disrupt your opponent’s game. Dedicate a part of your practice sessions to improving your lob shot.

Master the Lobbying Motion

What is a lob shot in pickleball – The lob shot isn’t about power but finesse and control. The lifting motion of the paddle is critical to get the right height and distance on the shot. Work on this motion, focusing on the follow-through to ensure you give the ball enough lift to carry it over your opponent.

Maintain Balance and Posture

Your balance and posture are critical when executing a lob shot. Ensure you’re not leaning back too far, as this can cause you to hit the ball too high and outside the boundaries. Keep your stance balanced and your body upright as you hit the shot.

Adapt to the Game Situation

Be adaptable and use the lob shot as the game situation demands. If your opponent is dominating at the net, use a lob to push them back. An aggressive lob can catch them off guard if they play conservatively. Flexibility with your lob shot strategy can make you more unpredictable and formidable.


Q1: How high should a lob shot be?

A1: A lob shot should travel at least 6 feet above the net and reach the end of your opponent’s court. It will depend on how much power and spin you put into the shot, so practice is essential to get the right height. 

Q2: What is the best way to practice a lob shot?

A2: The best way to practice a lob shot is by focusing on your shots’ technique, timing, and accuracy. Aim for different areas in your opponent’s court and vary the spin on each hit to get comfortable with this challenging but rewarding shot. 

Q3: How can I use a lob shot defensively?

A3: A lob shot can be an effective defensive strategy under pressure. Use it to create time and space for yourself and reset your position on the court. 

Q4: What are the benefits of a well-timed lob shot?

A4: A well-timed lob shot can be game-changing. It can surprise your opponent and force them into an uncomfortable position, allowing you to retake court control. Furthermore, it can create an opening for another winning shot.

Q5: How far away should I be from the net when hitting a lob shot?

A5: You can hit a lob shot from anywhere on the court if you have enough power to get it over the net. But it’s best to stay at least 15-20 feet away from the net for more control and accuracy. 


What is a lob shot in pickleball – The lob shot is an important part of any pickleball player’s arsenal. People use it to surprise your opponent or disrupt their rhythm. Mastering the proper technique and understanding when and how to use it is essential. With practice and consistency, you’ll soon have a reliable lob shot that will give you the edge over your competitors.


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