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Mastering Pickleball Court Dimensions: Key Measurements and Layout

Mastering Pickleball Court Dimensions Key Measurements and Layout

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that combines elements of table tennis, badminton, and tennis. Players play the game on an outdoor court with the same basic pickleball court dimensions as a doubles badminton court. It uses a hard paddle to hit a perforated polymer ball over a net. To play pickleball you need to know the proper layout and measurements of the court. Understanding these key dimensions is essential for mastering the game. 

Standard Pickleball Court Dimensions

Height of the Net

Hang the pickleball internet at a peak of 34 inches (86 cm) withinside the middle and 36 inches (ninety one cm) on the posts. This allows players to hit from either side of the court without having to adjust their swings. 

Width of Court

The standard width of a pickleball court is 20 feet (6.1 m). A center line divides the court into two halves, and an outer side line runs along each half to distinguish the in and out-of-bounds areas.

Length of Court

The portable pickleball court has a length of 44 feet (13.4 m) from the back boundary lines to the net. You should mark the playing area with a 7-foot (2.1 m) non-volley line, also known as the kitchen. This line separates the area where players can volley the ball from the area where they can only hit groundstrokes.

Service Lines

The court is further divided by two service lines located 7 feet from each end of the net. These lines say where players should stand to serve and receive the ball.

Rules of Pickleball

Players play pickleball with two or four players. Players must hit the ball over the net and into the other side of the court using a hard paddle. To start the serve, stand behind either service line and hit across the net to begin play. After serving, both teams can volley within their area as long as they keep the ball within the playing area boundaries. Points are awarded when a player fails to return the ball or hits it out of bounds. The first team to 11 points, with at least a two-point lead, wins the game. 

Scoring System

A pickleball match consists of best-of-three games and players must switch sides between games. The scoring system is like that of tennis and badminton. Players play games to 11 points, but a team must win by at least two points for the game to be over. If the score reaches 10-10 then play continues until one team has a two-point lead. 

Court Equipment

Besides familiarising yourself with the pickleball court dimensions, it is also important to understand the court equipment. Pickleball uses a 26-inch (66 cm) net that is hung from two poles at either end of the court. The net should be taut and remain at a consistent height throughout the game. Players must also use a hard paddle to hit the ball. 


Players use a perforated polymer ball with holes in it to play Pickleball. The balls come in different weights and sizes. So players can choose the one they are most comfortable using. When playing, it is important to ensure that all players are using the same type of ball for consistency. 

Court Layout

Once you know the proper court dimensions and have all the necessary equipment. It is time to start laying out your court. You should mark the court with four lines. Two service lines and two boundary lines run across each side of the court. The center line divides the court into two halves and helps players keep track of where they are hitting. 

Key Measurements

When setting up a pickleball court, it is important to make sure that all measurements are correct. The standard width of a pickleball court is 20 feet (6.1 m) and the length is 44 feet (13.4 m) from the back boundary lines to the net. You should hang the net at a height of 34 inches (86 cm) in the center and 36 inches (91 cm) at the posts. 

Variations and Modifications

Besides the standard court dimensions, you can make a few variations and modifications. For example, some tournaments will use a smaller court size of 36 feet (11 m) by 18 feet (5.5 m). This is known as a “short court” and it allows for faster gameplay with less running around the court. 


Q1: What are the standard dimensions of a pickleball court? 

A1: The standard dimensions of a pickleball court are 20 feet wide by 44 feet long for both singles and doubles play.

Q2: What is the net height for a pickleball court? 

A2: The net height for a pickleball court is 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches in the center. 

Q3: How is the court divided for doubles play? 

A3: A centerline that extends from the baseline to the net divides the pickleball court into two halves. This line separates the right and left service courts for each team.

Q4: Are there any specific requirements for lighting a pickleball court? 

A4: No, there are no specific lighting requirements for pickleball courts.

Q5: Are there any differences in court dimensions for indoor and outdoor pickleball courts? 

A5: No, the dimensions of pickleball courts are the same for both indoor and outdoor play. 


Pickleball is a fun and exciting game that anyone can learn to play. To ensure success on the court, it is important to understand the standard pickleball court dimensions, equipment needed, and rules of the game. With a little practice and knowledge, you’ll be ready to take your pickleball skills to the next level! So grab your paddles and get ready to have some fun! And don’t forget to invite your friends over for a friendly game of pickleball. 


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