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How to Play Pickleball | A Comprehensive Guide

The popular game Pickleball is getting into fashion. Especially people of the USA showing huge interest in it. So, if you don’t know how to play Pickleball? Here is a detailed write-up. We define Pickleball as a mix-up of Tennis, Table Tennis, and Badminton. Gamers can play it indoors and outdoors. Besides, that awesome game attracts children and adults. You can play it with doubles or singles rules. That is a very easy and welcoming game.

How to Play Pickleball | A Comprehensive Guide

How to Play Pickleball as a PRO?

Hence, it is difficult to learn how to play Pickleball when you haven’t even heard about it. No hassle! Read comprehensive information on the game. Pickleball court has mainly two sides, divided into nets into both sides. There are four lines baselines, sidelines, centerlines, and non-valley lines. In the mid of the court, there is a line non-valley zone known as the kitchen.

How to Start Playing with Pickleball?

To start the game, do not drop the ball into the ground. Directly hit the ball on the right side of the cross-player in the court. There are two bounce rules. Both sides’ serve and return must bounce. No volleys are allowed in the kitchen. So, are you ready to learn how to play pickleball? Keep reading more to find out news about the game.

How to Play Pickleball Service?

That is the start of the game, where players begin the game with a serve. In this game, both sides’ players standing on the right service of a court are always the first server. In that game, the pickleball serve must throw the ball by the racket. Underhanded from behind the baseline—that cross-court into the opponent player’s courtside.

How to Play Pickleball Double Bounce?

Double bounce is an essential principle in the game. According to the rule above, the ball should be thrown by serve, which bounces on both sides. The ball should be in the air when you play the service.

How to Play Pickleball in Kitchen?

Non-Volley Zone of the court is Kitchen. The kitchen is a very significant area of the court. That situates 7 ft between both sides. Players cannot touch the lines or go inside at kitchen area. The rule of the kitchen only applies to the ball.

How to Play Pickleball for 100% Winning

As we wrote, users can play pickleball, both double and single. A similar rule applies in Pickleball to both sides. Cannot play in Kitchen, Do not hit the ball on the ground at service, and don’t play foul in the game, etc.

How to Play Pickleball while Positioning?

Positioning in Pickleball is significant for the player. At the time when they hit the ball, they have to get out of the Kitchen. When they want to play to the left, they also have to stand on the diagonal left of the opponent. 

We observe that it’s easy to learn, an accessible and stressful alternative to traditional sports. Hence, it is a lot easier on the body and perfect for kids, the old generation, and anyone. You can play single or double like table tennis.

A pickleball court looks just like a tennis or a badminton court. But its rules and playing principles are pretty different. The lines are like the badminton court, with lines 7 ft away from the midline of the net and kitchen.

Players must stand behind the service line. And hit the ball into a diagonal area on the Right side if the ball is hit from the left side. Only one bounce allows hitting the ball back over the net. They win a set. The primary of this game is to hit the ball back till the mistake happens.

The person or pain that wins two sets faster than this opponent wins. Where Pickleball is an interesting game. That is sound for health freaks. Thus, it is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the gaming industry. So, pick up the pickleball and start playing if you want to be healthier.

Tips & Tricks on How to Play Pickleball Effectively

Hard work is the only effective trick to winning a match. So, do practice, practice, and more practice for victory. But few factors can lead you to victory more easily. Here are they 

Watch Ball

First of all, don’t miss your ball. Always keep your eye on the movement of the ball. You won’t win the match if you miss the ball in the tournament. 

Use Grip

If your racket does not own the right grip, your pickleball bat will fly away and land on the head of your fan. To avoid that embarrassing moment, use a good, quality grip. 

Bend Knees

Keep yourself on the level of your ball bounce. So, bend your knees and try to reach for your ball wherever it falls. Also, be attentive while playing. 

Pick Goal

Always pick small goals to achieve. As you pick the achievable goals, you will win the game with the small series of goals. 

7 Basic Rules of How to Play Pickleball

If you follow the rules, you may win the game. Before playing any game, volleys must be aware of the rules of scoring. Whether it is double bounce, serve, faults or volleys.

  1. Throw the Ball diagonal to the right of the opponent’s service court without dropping.
  2. You will get the score points when the other side fails to return your ball.
  3. You could win by 2 points.
  4. A player cannot touch the line or cross the non-volley.
  5. Score the 11 points and leads at least 2 points margin wins.
  6. If the scores are 10-10, they keep playing until they are 12 points ahead.
  7. Do not cross the line of the kitchen, and do not hit the ball twice.

How to Count Pickleball Score – Single & Double

Two basic scoring techniques are common in Pickleball. And two positions for singles and doubles. As we explain about the pickleball game, it is important to know the perfect score. Now, we will inform you how to score in both games, single & double.

Single Score – Pickleball

The single scoring is quite the same as the doubles game. In this sport, there is only a single server. Serve hits the ball for scoring diagonally from the right-hand side to his opponent. If the server score is quite odd, it is only done from the left side.

The position of the server is found from the score only. Per the server score, the receiver changes to the position on the left and right sides.

Pickleball – Double Score

In the double game, the receiver side may not score a point, Although they serve only to score the points. The game started at 0-0-start. The first player serves until we lose the point at the start of the game. So, if you are playing from the left side, serve to the left side of the opposite court. And the player on the right side serves you diagonally.

While Playing Pickleball, the players constantly change their position in the game. In doubles, they keep moving and exchanging places from right to left. So, no position on the court is a particular home to the specific player. Except for the side. Players on one team cannot change the side until they score the points. 


1- Is Pickleball Play an Indoor Game?

No! Pickleball can be played indoors as well as an outdoor game. So, there is no hassle if you do not have an open-aired hall or ground to play. You can play in the covered backyard of your home. Or a covered ground near your parking area.

 2- Why is it Called Pickleball?

Pickles represent a mixture of vegetables. So the rules, requirements, and equipment of Pickleball come from different sources and games.  Besides, it is a mixture of many games like Tennis/table tennis/ping pong, and badminton. So, it is known as Pickleball. 

 3- Who Invented the Game? 

Congressman Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and barney invented the game of pickleball in 1965 on bridge island, Washington.

 4- Can Pickleball Play by Doubles? 

Yes, pickleball is played single or double. Yet the rules remain the same whether you play double or single in Pickleball. So the movements, positioning, and faults are caused when the responsibility divides into more than one player. Thus, a double is more fun than a single play. 

 5- Can you Play Pickleball on the Grass?

Absolutely not! Pickleball cannot play on the grass. Because the player has to be quicker than in other games. And grass floor creates friction. Of that, players cannot move smoothly on it. Usually, people play Pickleball at home or indoor court. So, that is not possible to grow grass in the indoor halls. 

 6- Does Pickleball Have Holes?

Yes! Pickleball has a maximum of 40 circular holes on the surface. If you buy a ball with less density of holes, it reaches 26 minimal holes.


With the growing world trend, play Pickleball like a PRO and ENJOY your life. If still, the queries bubble in your mind on how to play Pickleball. Let us know in the comment section. We hope you play with all the efficiency and briskness. Also, we wish you live a healthy and happy life. Thank You!


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