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How Pickleball Doubles Rules Work | Overview & Major Principles

Are you and your friends bored of playing tennis and badminton? Let’s try Pickleball, including your 3 friends. if you need to learn about double Rules. Here is a detailed write-up for you on the Pickleball Doubles Rules. So, don’t wait and make your time more exciting with the glory of the Pickleball game. 

How Pickleball Doubles Rules Work | Overview & Major Principles

10 Basic Principles of Pickleball Doubles Rules  

Dig deep into your favorite sport and learn about the Pickleball Double Rules. Its rules are the same, but little difference lies in some facts. 

1- Double Scoring 

As the game starts, the scoreboard has three numbers. Eventually, the scoreboard appears as 0-0-2. The First 0 represents the server score. And the second 0 shows the receiver score. Further, 2 means doubles, and the server number: is 1 or 2.

2- Bouncing & Boundary 

The ball must stay in the boundary. Serving must be in the baseline. One bounce per side allows. But if the number of bouncers accedes, a penalty is waiting for you. If you are not careful, that advantages your opponent player. 

3- Serving Points 

Like single serving scores points in the Pickleball Doubles Rules. As you serve without bouncing, you get complimentary points. Only the serving team can get those points. And the receiving team can’t score any.

4- Negative Point 

At the beginning of the game, the right-side player server is opposite the court. Each player is allowed one serving attempt. The service will play over if the ball hits the net and lands in the service court.

 5- Side Changes

Changing sides is my fault. So, no one is changing sides. If someone changes, a side of the serving team gets the point. Receiving side also does not change sides. In the game, if the left-side player server moves to the left side and serves to the opposite court.

6- Serves Loses 

The first server must serve until the serving team loses a rally by making a fault. If the second server loses the serve, the serve goes to the first team, and the player on the right serves first. So on, and so far.

7- Non-Volley Zone

Kitchen is the 7 feet area of the centre of the court. No one is allowed to play the shot from the kitchen. Actually, Kitchen is a non-volley Zone. So, if the Pickleball touches the non-volley zone, it’s a fault.

8- Double Bounce

Significantly before any team starts volleying, the ball must bounce. When the first team serves to the second team, they must let the ball bounce once before returning the serve. The First Team also let the ball bounce once on their side.

9- Ball in Net 

As the ball bounces once, either team may volley it into the air or let it bounce once before striking it. The rally will continue until one of the teams hits the ball into the net. Out of bounds or enables the ball to bounce on their side twice.

10- Exception 

A unique but important aspect of pickleball is the non-volley zone or kitchen. Players may only hit the ball while standing in the kitchen if the ball has already bounced on their side. Pickleball is a fun and exciting sport.

Helping should be done underhand, and contact must be below the waist.

Requirements of Pickleball Doubles Rules 

Pickleball Paddle is the most popular and today’s fast-growing sport. That is also famous among gamers. Simply 2 players play at a time, but 4 players can play the game with Pickleball Doubles Rules. What are the rules? Learn and explore all the fun facts of that exciting indoor and outdoor game.

In that game, two players game name singles rule. And four players Pickleball Doubles Rules. The age of the game is 50 years. Yet the growing trend is increasing the interest of gamers day by day. So, the pickleball doubles games become more prominent day by day. Let’s explore! How? 

Pickleball Paddle Doubles rules are significant to make your game strategies easy and interesting. Hence, the double is the most popular way of pickleball. That is like double tennis or badminton. In doubles, four players play the game at a time. So, you can say it is a social game.

Like all other games, Pickleball has some limitations. Usually, Pickleball players fire the floor on the rectangular court. That court occupies 44 feet in length and 20 feet in width of the court. Yet the Low net divides the court into 2 halves. Including 2 sidelines, 2 baselines, a centre line on each side, and two non-volley lines called Kitchen.

Centerline halves each side into two. Left service court and the proper service court. Each point begins with a serve. A pickleball serve hits underhand from the baseline. But, Cross-court to the opposite team’s court. Hence, the server clears the net without landing in the kitchen. 

Knowledge of Pickleball Double Rules is very interesting, making the game fun.

 6 Equipment for Pickleball Doubles Rules  

While playing doubles requires a ball, paddles, shoes, a place, a net, and a bag. What things should we need in pickleball doubles? There is a list in detail:

1- Pickleball

The ball has holes; a Lightweight plastic ball is used as a Pickleball paddle. Its color is yellow and light green; people call it beach paddleball.

2- Pickleball Paddle

Choose a good pickleball paddle. It’ll give you control and power. If you want to control it, then use a lightweight paddle. So, if you wish to power over control, then use the heavier paddle. Whenever you buy pickleball, you must check its price, weight, grip, size, and color.

3- Pickleball Bag 

Players need a quality bag in which they put balls, water bottles, towels, extra paddles, etc. They cannot carry some equipment together if they get a small bag. And in the large bag, your equipment gets scratched due to uneven pressure and unnecessary movement. 

4- Sports Shoes

Pickleball is a quick game that needs low friction for the instant response of the player. So, Wear shoes designed for pickleball paddle sports. It’ll give you ease and comfort in-game. And help you to reduce friction and traction of the floor. 

5- Pickleball Court 

Easy-going game Pickleball is not particular. If you need an open-air court. Whoever and whenever you want to play, you need a place where you play. So, find a nice place where you play.

6- Center Net 

Net is important; without it, you cannot play a game. Without it, you cannot follow Pickleball doubles rules. And you cannot rectify the fault in the game. Neither can you score a point. Nor do you announce the winner. 

As one of the teams scores 11 to 15 points, they win. The other team was considered the loser.  


1- Is it necessary “to serve must be underhand and land beyond the no-volley zone?

Of course, It’s a must to be careful of the non-volley zone. The only condition to play from the kitchen is that you are already standing in the zone when you receive the shot from another team. 

2- Can you earn points for serving?

Yes, it is true. As you start playing, you get complimentary points at the opening. If you are playing doubles, you all will have the chance to serve. Penalties also lead to the serving chance for you.  

3- Do you think it’s Important to Know Pickleball Doubles Rules?

Yes, A player can’t play well without knowing pickleball doubles rules. Otherwise, they will keep violating the rules and lose the game instead of winning. So, if you want to play the game, you need to know about Pickleball Doubles Rules better. 

4- Is Pickleball a Popular Game?

Yes, it’s a popular game. Pickleball is a growing trend in the modern era. The fame of that game is crossing borders and getting globalised day by day. People loved to play it. It is a simple and flexible game that needs very little equipment and a suitable place to serve. 


Pickleball Paddle is a well-known and famous game. People acknowledged it. When you play a game, you must know the pros and cons of it. As well as rules of games played a key role in it.

When we talked about pickleball doubles rules, you can’t play pickleball doubles without knowledge of the rules. A player must learn rules by heart. It will play a key role in a player’s success.


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