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Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Players (Read Before Buying)

As we know, pickleball is a growing sport and is growing fast. Most of us think it is a combination of tennis and badminton. Like racquets in tennis, here we have paddles to play the game. Many tennis players have started playing pickleball but don’t know the best pickleball paddle for tennis players. 

As we came across, many of our friends faced the same issue. To make it easier for everyone, we put in all our effort and energy and found some best paddles for tennis players. During our research, we are fully focused on quality and budget-friendly paddles. Are you excited now? Continue reading this article, and you will find a perfect pickleball paddle.

Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Players 

If you are a tennis player, you might know that pickleball paddles are smaller and lighter than your tennis racquets. It would be best if you try a paddle with a medium weight and surface area between medium to large. This will provide you with more confidence in your shots. The paddles we found are:

  • Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro
  • Engage Pickleball Encore MX 6.0
  • Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle
  • ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite

Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro

Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Players

Paddletek mostly made paddles for women, and they are highly in demand. Recently, they have decided to go beyond and start creating quality paddles for men. The company has recently launched Bantam sabre pro. 

This one is known as the longest pickleball handle to date. If you are someone from a tennis background, you will love it. As advertised by the company, the paddle length is around 16 and a half inches. It has a long handle to provide you with more control over it. The larger handle will let you play it single-handedly as well. 

Key Features

  • They have designed it with a longer handle to provide more speed and power with its aerodynamic head shape. 
  • Includes smart response technology to hit the ball with full control instead of nasty paddle swings. 
  • High-quality polymer composite honeycomb grips enable you to hit the ball with full control in case the ball doesn’t make any contact with the sweet part of your Paddle. 
  • The surface of the Paddle is made from polycarbonate to increase power and a long-lasting texture of the surface. Moreover, it improves the spin and placement of the ball.
  • There are multiple grip types available to choose from. 


  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • SR Technology
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long lasting surface
  • Multiple options


  • Handle length increased instead of face length

Engage Pickleball Encore MX 6.0

Engage Pickleball Encore MX 6.0

If you talk about power and precision, you can not rule pickleball encore MX 6.0. Encore MX 6.0 is a high-quality paddle designed for beginners to advanced-level players. It has a wider face of 6 inches to provide more surface area for quick shots and adjustments. 

Additionally, they have worked a lot on its weight and try to minimize it as much as possible so that anybody can hold it easily. Surprisingly, they have introduced a new feature to reduce the vibration generated after contact with the ball. Indirectly it increases control over shots.

Key Features:

  • Control Pro polymer technology to provide additional control on bad swings
  • Fiber Tek is used to provide more forgiveness and spin on not properly middled shots.
  • A larger sweet spot to properly middled the balls 
  • Built on the latest design to remove noisy effects


  • Decent weight
  • Powerful
  • Amazing control and spin
  • Large sweet spot
  • Vibration absorber
  • Less noise


  • Quality is compromised

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

The most in-demand Paddle is the Selkirk amped pickleball paddle. 6 out of 10 tennis players recommend using this Paddle because of its high performance. The face of the Paddle is made from fiberglass to reduce its weight and add more control and power. 

Furthermore, the latest polypropylene X Core technology has resolved vibration issues after connecting with the ball. The face of the Paddle is between 7 to 8 inches, which is easy to operate. The grip quality is up to the mark and adds more comfortability and durability to the hand. 

Key Features

  • The surface of the Paddle is sleeker and generates more ball spin.
  • Consistency in speed is maintained using advanced polypropylene technology. 
  • Many professionals have tried and tested Paddle before arriving in the market. 
  • Typically it is a combination of a long handle with a long surface area providing more control and power. 


  • Amazing ball spin
  • Tried and tested by professionals
  • Less vibration
  • More speed
  • Control over shots with a long handle
  • Generate more powerful shots


  • A little expensive

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite

So the last one on our list is ONIX the Game Changer. ONIX graphite Z5 does not require any introduction as it is the best Paddle. Whenever you ask any die-hard pickler about the best Paddle, they will answer “ONIX Graphite Z5”. And why not if someone is providing high-quality stuff? It should be acknowledged. 

It is made from graphite carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase durability. Other than this, it offsets more control over the shots. The face of this amazing Paddle is around 7 and a half inches wide to provide more comfort to the players. 

The grip is cushioned with high-quality material to reduce fatigue and make it easier for everyone to play it for longer. The larger face here provides more power and accuracy, and it is best for the players looking to make quick and precise shots. 

Key Features

  • Many star players in mega events currently use ONIX Z5. They are using it because of its performance. One of the enthusiasts said that if they charge 1000 bucks, I am willing to pay it as well. 
  • As it is easy to operate with full features, it could be used by a beginner or a pro. 
  • The face and shape of the Paddle almost look like a tennis racquet. So a person switching from tennis may find it a good choice. 
  • All Z5 paddles are protected with edge guard features to secure the edges from harm. 
  • Good control and spin over the all is something other brands struggle to provide accuracy. 


  • Best for everyone
  • Larger surface area
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Edge guard protection
  • Amazing control and spin


  • Slippery tape around the grip

The Best Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Players

Tennis players are good at setting up the criteria to buy certain things. They can easily come up with a good pickleball paddle with their prior experience. For those who are not much familiar with all these things, you need to find a paddle which provides more durability, speed, spin and control. 

The paddles we have covered above all offer all these features. You can try and test them from any nearby store. It is always a tough call to choose one from which all of them are the best. But there is a tie for the best pickleball paddle for tennis players. The tie is between the Selkirk Amped Pickleball paddle and ONIX Graphite Z5 paddle. 

Both these paddles offer large handles and surface area to make it easier for you. Everyone has their own choices, so we would love to know which Paddles you buy and your experience after using them.


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